Painting (BA)

Nowadays, painting is an organic and dynamic part of the contemporary art system and, at the same time, also an art field with an extremely diverse, development-based history and many modes of expression.

The developments in painting are closely linked with the developments in other disciplines, influencing these disciplines and being influenced by them. The first-cycle study programme in painting is organised as a combination of studio, theoretical and technical courses, enabling the students to acquire the general and specific knowledge and skills necessary for their development towards professional careers and artistic practices that require aesthetic skills and innovative approaches. The aim of the first-cycle study is for the students to develop their basic orientations or become prepared for the second-cycle study by attending a number of mandatory and elective courses, communicating with artists, attending exhibitions and, last but not least, team working and socialising. The first-cycle study includes two programmes: Painting and Video, Animation and New Media.

With a well-thought-out and coherently designed study programme involving a combination of studio, theoretical and professional subjects, undergraduate students of the Painting course acquire knowledge and understanding, develop necessary personal attributes and master essential skills for further personal development within the fine arts.

Course title: Painting
Predstojnik/ca oddelka: Prof. Sašo Sedlaček
Study programme cycle: First-cycle Bachelor’s study programme
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters); a total of 180 ECTS credits
Professional title: diplomirana slikarka (UN), diplomirani slikar (UN)
Abbreviation: dipl. slik. (UN)
Study programme booklet: