Photography (BA)

The first-cycle study programme in Visual Communication Design covers the areas of Photography, Graphic Design and Illustration. Through seminar assignments, studio work and lectures the students acquire the basic knowledge applicable in various practical fields: printed media, websites, photography, illustration.
After the general first year the study becomes specialised in individual areas that can later be upgraded at the Master’s level. The study programme encourages you to critically evaluate the results of design work and brings you in touch, through different projects, with the working environment.

In spite of the abundance of images that surround us and make an impression that we can all be photographers, only the knowledge of light is the key for understanding our environment in its broadest possible sense. Photography thus starts with the understanding of light as a physical phenomenon and finishes with light as a concept. Through individual work, we combine the knowledge of technical procedures, history and theory, providing a wide range of skills necessary for a photographer’s integration in the contemporary society. If the power of presentation is the merit of an artist, the power of foresight is the key feature of a photographer.

Course title: Photography
Head of department: Assoc. Prof. Peter Koštrun
Study programme cycle: First-cycle Bachelor’s study programme
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters); a total of 180 ECTS credits
Professional title: diplomirana oblikovalka vizualnih komunikacij (UN), diplomirani oblikovalec vizualnih komunikacij (UN)
Abbreviation: dipl. obl. vizual. kom. (UN)
Study programme booklet: