Mission and vision

Ema Kapelj, visual identity for the ALUO 2021 exhibition, Asst. Prof. Emil Kozole




FUTR za JUTR team_Bulky_Bananas_large
Bulky Bananas: Tjaša Mužina, Maruša Dolinar, Pia Groleger, Žan Girandon, Luka Pleskovič, Simon Izidor Rozman, FUTR za JUTR, 2021, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barbara Predan




Dialog 1
Oskar Kandare, Lana Požlep, Rok Černezel, Tine Lisjak, Hana Podvršič, Lana Soklič, Kaja Škorjanc, Vita Tušek, Betsabea Vernik, René Lazový, Dialog, 2021, Asst. Prof. Emina Djukić, Asst. Prof. Peter Rauch

Mission of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design


UL ALUO educates critical artists, who are trained to independently create and lead tasks in the fields of art, design, science and entrepreneurship.


It is a leading national university educational institution in fine arts, restoration and design.


As an educational, research and artistic institution, it is committed to identifying and addressing societal challenges in order to create change and promote development.






Vision of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design



Implementation of an in-depth and attractive study program

The Academy carries out what is measurably the highest quality study process in the region. It is based on the school’s tradition and the critical transfer of modern approaches, and focuses on student performance.



Promotion of the program and professional areas of the Academy

The Academy has a positive reputation and a position of first choice in the region. The study has a respected reputation and high level of interest, which enables the selection of talents every year. Creative thinking will have the status of a strategically important competence in the national space.



Development of various platforms that enable graduates to establish themselves in society.

Due to tangible and recognisable competencies in society, the success of the students of the Academy is visible. By introducing flexible forms of education, the Academy takes care of the flow of knowledge between generations.



Excellence in pedagogical and research work

The criteria for the quality of pedagogical and research work at the Academy are clear. Pedagogical principles, processes of exchange of experience and knowledge and the role of instructors in ensuring the topicality of studies are defined.



Modern organised support environment

Effective support for pedagogical and research processes is provided. It is possible to achieve high standards of work and project implementation at the Academy. The established climate of respect for agreements and diversity between areas has noticeable synergy effects.



Systematic management of the Academy

The organisational structure integrates all aspects of the Academy at all levels and connects a strategically led organisation that has a high level of cooperation.



Equal role within UL

The Academy has the status of a member who works proactively and autonomously within the UL, with programs that are also attractive to other members.



Modern spatial and information infrastructure

The Academy constantly establishes a modern environment for pedagogical and research work, creation, research and development of professional fields.