Applied Arts (MA)

The Master’s study programme is organised as a highly multidisciplinary study aiming at in-depth project work addressing pressing social and user-related problems. Students acquire the capacities to understand and deal practically with the issues of industrial design and applied arts through theoretical, developmental and design projects, using structured and complex methodologies and developing individual design skills.

To a large extent, these tasks are based on real projects carried out in association with numerous partners from the private and public sectors. Through this work, you will learn to manage all the stages of design methodology and find solutions for the identified problems as well as independently managing complex projects. The Master’s study is also appropriate for the students who have previously completed social sciences, natural sciences, technical studies or economics.

The study of Applied Arts in the areas of Glass and Ceramics design covers various fields of artistic activity and expression, but sometimes it mainly provides a creative starting point for exploring other areas and expressing ideas and concepts in different materials. This variety allows students to realise their artistic expressions and work independently for both small studios and large production facilities, preparing them for the flexibility required by the market. Being highly individual and interdisciplinary, the study is, to a large extent, organised as practical work in the workshop. We encourage independent work, research curiosity, initiative and a critical approach. Through individual consultations and tutoring, we help you develop your personal poetics, guiding you towards research and experimentation with the media. We welcome your enthusiasm, making it even more profound and equip you with the knowledge necessary for your own creative and dedicated research.

Course title: Applied Arts
Predstojnik/ca oddelka: Assoc. Prof. Barbara Prinčič
Study programme cycle: Second-cycle Master’s study programme
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters); a total of 120 ECTS credits
Professional title: magister unikatnega oblikovanja, magistrica unikatnega oblikovanja
Abbreviation: mag. unik. oblik.
Study programme booklet:


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