International projects

International collaborations at the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (UL ALUO) are based on interdisciplinarity, knowledge creation, and exchange. They are dedicated to research ranging from experimentation, discovery, and curiosity to real-world problem-solving. International collaborations encompass research projects supported by the European Commission, EU Framework Programs, Erasmus+, INTERREG, and structural funds, as well as other international projects. UL ALUO is also a member of international networks in the fields of arts and design, such as ELIA and Cumulus, and is actively involved with the EUTOPIA alliance. Thus, international collaborations form one of the foundations of the intellectual and creative culture within the entire UL ALUO community.

ELIA: European League of Institutes of the Arts – European network for higher education in the arts

Cumulus: Leading global association for education and research in arts and design

EUTOPIA European University: A learning and research community

Active Projects (Selection)


International project within the framework of the EUTOPIA association
Lead Organization: UL ALUO
Researcher: Prof. Boštjan Botas Kenda, Tch. Asst. Jernej Kejžar