Industrial Design (MA)

The Master’s study programme is organised as a highly multidisciplinary study aiming at in-depth project work addressing pressing social and user-related problems. Students acquire the capacities to understand and deal practically with the issues of industrial design and applied arts through theoretical, developmental and design projects, using structured and complex methodologies and developing individual design skills.

To a large extent, these tasks are based on real projects carried out in association with numerous partners from the private and public sectors. Through this work, you will learn to manage all the stages of design methodology and find solutions for the identified problems as well as independently managing complex projects. The Master’s study is also appropriate for the students who have previously completed social sciences, natural sciences, technical studies or economics.

The second cycle study programme in Industrial design consists of various theoretical and practical social sciences, technical, economic, design and other knowledge. We guide students in the search for innovation and creativity through conceptual, technical or non-technical design solutions. We encourage the development of talented individuals and working groups trained in research and development design work, with an emphasis on creating products and services that are innovative and sustainable throughout their life cycle in the broad field of design of our entire environment.

Course title: Industrial Design
Predstojnik/ca oddelka: Assoc. Prof. Barbara Prinčič
Study programme cycle: Second-cycle Master’s study programme
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters); a total of 120 ECTS credits
Professional title: magister industrijskega oblikovanja, magistrica industrijskega oblikovanja
Abbreviation: mag. ind. oblik.
Study programme booklet:


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