ALUO is actively involved in the international arena. This is reflected in the achievements of educators and our alumni, many of whom continue their studies at elite schools around the world (RCA, Central St Martins, Aalto, Yale, Jan Van Eyck Academie, etc.) and who gain excellent positions in important companies (Google, IDEO, Helix), or establish their own start-ups, proving that we also care about professional excellence on an international scale.

We carefully nurture and encourage international activity, as we are aware that openness to the international space is extremely important for the later careers of our students.

We participate in festivals, we win prizes in international competitions, and publish articles in renowned international journals. We often organise professional excursions (Venice, NY, Vienna, Graz, Munich, Warsaw, Zlin, etc.) and there is always an interesting exhibition or workshop with foreign partners to look at over the fence and from another perspective!

In addition to regular programs (Erasmus+ 2021-2027 in Ceepus) we have many other connections with foreign countries, through which you can always choose the content you intend to study at partner institutions.

Going into the unknown requires courage and effort. No matter how much you have travelled the world, the decision to stay longer and study in a different culture, with different relationships and especially with people you do not yet know can initially be a little daunting.

For the most part, however, students return with exceptional memories, new knowledge, a more mature personality, and more tolerance of cultural differences, having become internationally active. They know how to appreciate what is good “here” and what is good “there”, they become more critical, and, above all, their lives have changed.

So, travel with us and get involved in international programs!


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