Prof. Marjan Gumilar

Office hours: sreda od 13.00 do 14.00 ure


Graduated in painting from UL ALUO.

Studied at the College of Physical Education in Ljubljana between 1976 and 1980.


Work experience and collaborations

2007–: Employed as a professor of painting and drawing, habilitated in painting at UL ALUO.

1987-2007: Worked as a freelance artist.

During this period, in addition to painting, also worked more intensively on experimental film and video film.

2016-2018: Head of the Department of Painting at UL ALUO

2017-2018: Visiting Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb


Important scholarships and residencies:

2004: Study stay in New York with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Soros Open Society Institute.

1993: Study stay in Paris with a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the French Republic.

1991: Study stay in Paris with a scholarship from the Zoran Mušič Prize Fund.

Multiple study stays in Paris.


Awards and recognitions

2017: Richard Jakopič Award for painting opus.

2005: recognition of important works of art of the University of Ljubljana.

1993: Rembrandt Sequin Award of the Rembrandt Foundation.

ZDSLU Grand Prize, Majski Salon, 1993 Ljubljana.

1991: Grand Prize for Painting at the XVI. Yugoslav Biennial of Youth in Rijeka.



Selection of solo exhibitions


  1. Bensa, Z. Posega, M. Gumilar, City Gallery of Ljubljana.


Anatomy of Red, Mala Galerija, Ljubljana.


New acquisitions of the Modern Gallery. Lojze Logar, Marjan Gumilar, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana.


Marjan Gumilar, Museum of Recent History, Ljubljana.

Download: Koper, Loza Gallery; Exh. salon Rotovž, Maribor.


Marjan Gumilar, Unconditional Judgment of the View, A + A Gallery, Madrid, Spain.


Marjan Gumilar, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.

Marjan Gumilar 1986-1995, Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota.

Download:      1996 Lendava Gallery, Lendava.

1997 City Gallery of Ljubljana and Coastal Gallery of Piran.


From the artist’s studio. Marjan Gumilar. Temptation, (European Wild Cats), Moderna galerija Ljubljana. (Presentation of the image in ICMG)


Marjan Gumilar, Horizontal Shifts, Žula Gallery, Maribor.


Marjan Gumilar, Horizontal Shifts, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.

Marjan Gumilar.corpus artisti, City Gallery, Piran.


Marjan Gumilar, Dnevnik, Galerija Miklova hiša, Ribnica.


Marjan Gumilar, painter. Roman Makše, sculptor. Arts Place Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Marjan Gumilar, Forum Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia.


Marjan Gumilar “O”, Bežigrad Gallery 2, Ljubljana.

Marjan Gumilar, Painting Exhibition, Božidar Jakac Gallery, Kostanjevica na Krki.


Marjan Gumilar, Paintings, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.


Marjan Gumilar, Paintings, Galerija Edita Mileta, Maribor.


Macchie, Loza Gallery, Koper.

Download: Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.

Organisms, Selection of paintings and drawings, 1996-2009, Murska Sobota Gallery.


Trans. Moviments, Kunstlerhaus, Klagenfurt, transfer to the Equrna Gallery in Ljubljana.


From the Riko art collection, Galerija Miklova hiša, Ribnica.


Horizontal shifts, Gallery of the Research Centre ZRC SAZU, Petanjci.

Organisms, selection of paintings and drawings, 1996-2009 Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota.

Zeichnung: raum, Kunstlerhaus Klagenfurt.


Photos, pictures and Polaroids, City Gallery of Nova Gorica, with Ana Sluga.

Focus, Božidar Jakac Gallery – former monastery church, Kostanjevica na Krki.

Atopic body, Städtische Galerie, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany.


Atopic body, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.


Marjan Gumilar, Paintings.

Zlatni Ajngel Gallery, Varaždin.


Marjan Gumilar, CUTS.

Gallery Academija Moderna, Institute of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

Marjan Gumilar, CUTS.

City Gallery, Ljubljana.


Selection of group exhibitions


Art of today – II. International exhibition Budapest, FMK Gallery.


Abstract, non-subject directions in fine arts.

Ljubljana, Art exh. R. Jakopič.


Controlled / supervised gesture.n.informel and abstrakt.ekspr., Koprivnica Gallery, Koprivnica.

Download: Ljubljana, Modern Gallery; Maribor, Art Gallery; Reka / Rijeka, Modern Gallery; Sarajevo, Collegium Artisticum; Subotica, Foyer of the National Theatre.


Translimina, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana.

Download: Klagenfurt, Kuenstlerhaus Klagenfurt.

Gradišče ob soči / Gradisca d’is, Gal.reg.d’arte cont.l.spazzapa.

Kunst-zum beispiel…Slowenien/umetnost-na primer.Slovenia, Galerie an der Stadtmauer, Villach.

Download: City Gallery, Ljubljana.

Experience of the subject. Young Slovenian artists, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana.

1990 transfer to the Piran City Gallery.

Pannonia 89, Cc Miško Kranjec Gallery, Murska Sobota.

Download: Eisenstadt, Land. Gall. at Esterhazy Castle; Szombathely, Szombathelyi keptar.


25th Zagreb Salon of Fine Arts, Art Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia.

Contemporary Slovenian and Croatian drawing, Rotovž Exhibition Hall, Maribor.

1991 transfer to Ljubljana, Modern Gallery.

Download: Rijeka, Modern Gallery; Zagreb, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana.

Subject experience, Young Slovenian artists, Piran City Gallery, Piran.

3rd Celje International Painting Weeks, Art Salon, Celje.


24th Herceg Novi Winter Art Salon, Josip-Bepo Benković Gallery, Herceg Novi.

From the edge of the area of Slovenian art 1985-1990, Maribor Art Gallery.

13th Zagreb Exhibition of Yugoslav Drawing, Graphic Cabinet JAZU, Zagreb, Croatia.

16th Youth Biennale, Modern Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia.

Young Slovenian Artists, Maison de l’Europe de Paris, Paris, France.

Coloured card, Free shipping plastic centre, Udine.

Young Slovenian Artists, Ljubljana Gallery, Ljubljana.


Selection from the Ribnica Art Collection, Modern Gallery Ljubljana.

Selection from the Ribnica Art Collection, Piran City Gallery. Selection from the exhibition at the Modern Gallery in Ljubljana.

Pannonia ’92, Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota.

Salon des 4.z’arts, Lons-le-saunier.


Didactic collection-oil, ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana.

Majski salon 93, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana.

Slovenian contemporary art – a fragmentary view, Stockholm, Palace of Artists. Transfer to Geneva / United Nations Palace Gallery, 1994; to Rome, 1995. Download: Helsingborg, Galleri Gamla Stan.

1 art colony Rembrant, Radenska Gallery, Radenci.


Von uns aus…neue kunst aus slowenien, Universitaetsmuseum, Marburg.

Transfer to Bonn, Brussels, Goettingen (1995), to Hanau (1996). Download: Wiesbaden, Umgang des Hessischen Landtags.

U3, 1st Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana.


Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija 1994.

Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota Gallery.

Download: Ljubljana, Museum of Recent History, ZDSLU Gallery; Maribor, Gallery Dlum Slovenian contemporary art – a fragmentary view.

Geneva, Palace of the United Nations. Transfer from Stockholm / Palace of

artists, Helsingborg / Old Town Gallery, 1993; transfer to Rome, 1995.

The exhibition supposedly also visited Liechtenstein and Denmark.

U3,1.triennial of contemporary Slovenian art.

Ljubljana, Modern Gallery.


Von uns aus…neue kunst aus slowenien.

Bonn, various exhibition centres. Bonn, exhibitions at the Gaestehaus der

Landesvertretung Hessen, and in Brussels in the Informationsbuero des Landes

Hesse. Transfer from Marburg and Wiesbaden (1994), transfer to Hanau (1996).

Download: Brussels, various exhibitions; Goettingen, Altes Rathaus.

Salon grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui, Paris.

MGL Permanent Collection. original works on paper by selected authors, City Gallery, Ljubljana.


2nd Vienna Painting Symposium (Prekmurje painters), Slovenian Cultural Centre Korotan, Vienna, Austria.

Real Presences, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.

Majski salon 96, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana.

Von uns aus neue kunst aus Slowenien, Stadhale Hanau, Hanau- transfer from Marburg, Wiesbaden (1994), Bonn, Brussels and Goettingen (1995).

Prekmurje people in Vienna, Slovenian Cultural Centre Korotan, Vienna.

Download: Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota.

Salon grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui, Paris, selector Patrick- Gilles Persin.


Salon grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui, Paris, France.

Download: Luxembourg, Galerie d’Art Contemporaine

The Sublime and Romanticism in Contemporary Slovenian Painting.

Koper, Loza and Meduza Galleries. Lozs gal.: Šalamun, Oblak, Simčič, Sever, Kobal, Kirbiš, Gorenec, Meduza: Žido, Červek, Prančič, Fišer, Skrinar

Celje International Painting Weeks 1988-1997, Keleia Gallery, Celje


A + A 1992-1997, Madrid, Circulo de bellas artes. A selection of works from the exhibition program of the M + M Gallery in Madrid. Download: Venice, Galleria A + A.

Pais Gallery, Osaka

EXPO ’98, Lisbon

Regards, Tours, St. Etienne. Download: Brussels, Centre for Contemporary Art; Koper, Loza Gallery

Ten years later, Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota, broadcast: Lendava Gallery, City Gallery Ljubljana, Loža Koper Gallery, Maribor Art Gallery


Factor banka art collection for 1999, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana

Art in Slovenia 1976-1999, Piran, City Gallery. The exhibition was also held in the Praetorian Palace and in the Loza and Meduza galleries in Koper.


May Salon 2000, Prvinski d-o-t-i-k, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana

The Sublime and Romanticism in Contemporary Slovenian Painting, Loza and Meduza Gallery, Koper (download: City Gallery, Ljubljana)


Factor banka Art Collection, Ljubljana, Modern Gallery.

The eye and its truth. Spectacle and reality in Slovenian …, Ljubljana, Modern Gallery.


A look at painting during the transition from the 80’s to the 90’s, Ribnica na dolenjskem, Miklova hiša Gallery.

Black and White, Žula Gallery, Ljubljana.

A look at painting during the transition from the 80s to the 90s, Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica.

Žula Gallery Collection, Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor.

Slovenian art in the office of Commissioner Verheugen, Brussels. In the office of Commissioner Guenter Verheugen in the European Parliament. Selected by Mr. Verheugen, in collaboration with the Equrna Gallery.


Abstract painting from Mušič to Rimele, Loža Gallery, Koper.

Painting Policies, City Gallery, Piran.

Selection of works from the Riko Ribnica collection, Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica.

Experience of the Landscape in the Painting of Pomurje Artists, Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota.

Ten years later, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade.

Painting, gesture and materials, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka.


Painting Policies, Piran, City Gallery. Download: Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, Lyon, Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Slovenian Art 85 – 95, Ljubljana, Modern Gallery.


Figure at the beginning of the century, Exhibition of the Slovenian Society of Art Critics, Velenje, Gallery.

7th Slovenian Biennial of the City of Kranj, Prešeren House Gallery, Kranj.


Fragments – (selection of works by Slovenian artists from the collections of MMSU, Mali salon, Rijeka.

Exhibition of works by members of the Association of Fine Artists of Prekmurje and Prlekija, Cultural Centre, Budapest.


Drawing in Slovenian II, Ljubljana, City Gallery.

A selection of works from the Riko collection.

Piran, City Gallery.

Drawing in Slovenia I, Ljubljana, City Gallery.

Zeichnung: raum, Kunstlerhaus, Klagenfurt.

Inter-acts, Professors and their selected students of the second year of ALUO master’s study

Ribnica, Miklova hiša.


Selection of paintings 2010

Ljubljana, Equrna Gallery.


A circle in the image, Ljubljana, Bežigrad Gallery.

Installation, Ljubljana, Isis Gallery.

New Works, Ljubljana, Equrna Gallery (Arne and Tomaž Brejc).


Coincidences II, Murska Sobota Gallery, Murska Sobota.


Buena Onda / Hommage a Damjan Cavazza, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana.

Exhibition, 50 Years of the City Gallery, Ljubljana.

Cultureshutdown, Public Call- Day of museum solidarity.


The Magic of Art: Protagonists of Slovenian Contemporary Art 1968-2013, Villa Manin, Passariano- Codroipo.

Body Images, Expressive Figural Art in Slovene and Austrian Art, Carinthian Gallery of Fine Arts – Werner Berg Museum.

60! Panorama, exhibition of the UGM collection at 60. Years, Maribor.


The Magic of Art… ..Kunstlerhaus, WIEN….


Flat and Distant, China and Slovenia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing.


Night of Short Films, M. Gumilar, View 2002, Slovenian Cinematheque, Ljubljana.


Loneliness. The Expression of Anxiety in “Prekmurian” Fine Art, Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki, Pilon Gallery, Ajdovščina.