Enrolment in undergraduate studies


UL ALUO offers the following first-cycle Bachelor’s study programmes:

Video, Animation and New Media

The programme Sculpture is uniform and has no courses.

The programme Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art is uniform and has no courses.

Industrial Design
Applied Arts

Graphic Design,

The study lasts for 3 years and accounts for 180 ECTS credits in all programmes.


What entry requirements do we have?

The above first-cycle programmes are open to candidates who have:

  1. passed the general matura;
  2. Passed a vocational matura in any secondary-school programme and an exam in one of the following
    matura subjects: art history, art theory, history, philosophy, psychology or sociology; the selected subject
    should not be one of the subjects included in the candidate’s vocational matura;
  3. Completed any 4-year secondary-school programme prior to 1 June 1995.

All the candidates must also pass the talent assessment exam.

UL ALUO provides the most basic materials and services necessary for the student’s work. Additional production costs are incurred during the course of the studies, which are borne by the student. UL ALUO cannot give an absolute estimate of the additional costs in advance, because the choice of materials, tools, technologies, etc. is left to the students, their financial capacity, their ingenuity and also the ambition of the tasks or projects of each student.


How do you enrol?

  1. You can become acquainted with the content of study programs during our information days and at our websites.
  2. You can prepare for the selected programme at our enrolment courses.
  3. The application procedure is published in the annual Call for Enrolment in Undergraduate Study Programmes. Part of the call for the UL ALUO for the next academic year is published in the attachments below, and the full call is available on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. You submit the application on the eVŠ web portal. You can enter three preferences (three study programs / courses). If you opt for a programme with courses, be sure to choose one. You can only submit one application.
  4. Towards the end of March or the beginning of April, the Higher Education Application and Information Service of the University of Ljubljana publishes an overview of the number of applications received for enrolment in higher education. After a successful application, we will inform you about the approach to the first part of the talent assessment exam.
  5. For the first part of the talent assessment exam you submit a portfolio. Detailed instructions on the number and content of works for each program / course are published in the current call (attachment below). If you successfully apply to several UL ALUO programmes / courses, you submit several different portfolios.
  6. The second part of the talent assessment exam may only be taken by the candidates whose portfolios receive a positive assessment. It takes place at one of the UL ALUO locations in the last days of June or in early July. Current dates are available in the attachment below.
  7. You will be notified about the result of the second part of the of the talent assessment exam by the UL ALUO within two weeks of taking the test.
  8. According to the results of general matura, you will receive a decision on admission to the study programme (selection procedure: talent assessment exam points + matura points).
  9. Enrolment at the UL ALUO takes place electronically in early August; you will receive a notification from the Office for Undergraduate Studies.

>>GUIDE – Application for enrolment and recognition of foreign education

Do you have additional questions?

Contact our Office for Undergraduate Studies (E: barbara.kalan@aluo.uni-lj.si; T: +386 1 421 25 01; M: +386 30 451 620) or find more information at the website Study UL.