Photography (MA)

The Master’s study programme Visual Communication Design guides students towards deepening their knowledge and developing personal creative abilities, technical skills and the theoretical knowledge necessary for independent creative work in different areas of visual communications. Students can choose from three courses: Photography, Graphic Design and Illustration. Through research and experimentation, this study encourages innovation and talent, a search for new approaches to the conception and visual expression of communication topics.

The indivisibility of light, time and space teaches us that it is easy to follow the trends, but much more difficult to predict or even dictate them. The study of Photography at the second-cycle level is distinctly associated with the theory, primarily focused on the understanding of images, while the accuracy and precision represent the tools serving the messages conveyed. The study questions the established practices of the photographic language and lays down new foundations by allowing the students to choose their own expressions adapted to the use in various individual or group projects.

Course title: Photography
Predstojnik/ca oddelka: Assoc. Prof. Peter Koštrun
Study programme cycle: Second-cycle Master’s study programme
Duration: 2 leti (4 semestre); skupaj 120 kreditnih točk po sistemu ECTS
Professional title: magister oblikovanja vizualnih komunikacij, magistrica oblikovanja vizualnih komunikacij
Abbreviation: mag. obl. vizual. kom.
Study programme booklet: