Release from SARS-COV-2 VIRUS measures


The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has eased most of the measures to curb the COVID-19 epidemic, but we must still adhere to the recommendations of the NIJZ and the Coronavirus Action Plan (COVID-19) for the UL ALUO.


What measures are in force at the UL ALUO?

  • hand disinfection;
  • ventilation and other recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health.


Is it still compulsory to wear a mask?

The Decree amending the Decree on temporary measures for the prevention and control of infectious disease covid-19 has been published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia. Masks are no longer compulsory in enclosed public spaces, but only recommended. However, their use remains compulsory in healthcare and social care accommodation. Keeping a distance between each other is no longer necessary.


Is RVT still being checked, is self-testing being performed and are students/employees still quarantined?

  • RVT conditions are no longer checked, there is no longer an authorised person at the entrance to the building to verify compliance with the RVT condition, and all authorisations previously granted to perform the RVT condition verification are revoked;
  • self-testing for COVID-19 is no longer carried out at the UL ALUO premises, and there are no more free self-testing tests at the pharmacy;
  • the UL ALUO, however, still has self-testing kits available, if they are needed, and these can be obtained from an administrator, janitor or secretary;
  • a person who has been in high-risk contact is not quarantined.