Painting (MA)

The second-cycle Master’s programme is designed with the aim to facilitate the personal development of students towards independent and critical artistic creation, as well as enabling them to work in the related areas of cultural activities that require the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies.

To this end, we enable students to attend exhibitions in either a passive/group role or in an active role; we organise thematic and other group exhibitions as well as visits to important art exhibitions at home and abroad. The programme covers only the necessary mandatory topics, as it is appropriate for this level of study that the students create their own curricula. The core of the programme is the student’s own artistic output and the related Master’s project consisting of a work of art and its theoretical justification. The second-cycle study includes three programmes: Painting, Printmaking and Video, Animation and New Media.

The second cycle study programme Painting represents an in-depth basis for professional artistic activity and the further education of students. It provides for the acquisition of abilities for independent and active artistic activity in contemporary art and related areas of social life and work in which aesthetic skills and an innovative approach are required.

Course title: Painting
Head of department: Prof. Sašo Sedlaček
Study programme cycle: The second-cycle Master's programme
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters); a total of 120 ECTS credits
Professional title: magister slikarstva, magistrica slikarstva
Abbreviation: mag. slik.
Study programme booklet: