Publishing Activities

The Research Institute of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (RI ALUO)

The Research Institute of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (RI ALUO) is the leading research organisation in the fields of art, design and cultural heritage. We study past, present and emerging practices in art, design, restoration and conservation. Underpinning our research are practices rooted in creativity, critical thinking and innovation that focus on the current socio-environmental and other global challenges and actively build on interdisciplinary collaboration. The academy’s research activities drive national research programmes and projects and visibly promote international cooperation. Presenting and publishing research results represents another of the Institute’s priorities.


Code of ethics for researchers
Humanities and social sciences: Fine Art Studies


Research programmes and projects
The research programmes and projects are (co)financed by the Slovenian Research Agency.

International projects
Projects of international cooperation supported by the European Commission, the EU Framework Programmes, Erasmus+, INTERREG and Structural Funds, and other international projects.

Domestic projects
Domestic cooperation with local communities and regional and national organisations.

Publishing Activities
UL ALUO publishes research in humanities, social sciences and visual arts.

UL ALUO organises national and international events to present and disseminate research achievements.