Industrial Design (BA)

Our mission is to facilitate the development of talented individuals and working groups qualified for research design work, focusing on creating innovative, sustainable products and services. We are the only institution in Slovenia carrying out the study programme in industrial design and applied arts. The aim of the programme at the first-cycle level is the acquisition of the basic knowledge necessary for understanding the profession and working in the areas of industrial design and applied arts through design methodologies, and the development of individual design capacities. This multidisciplinary study stimulates you to holistically develop your design capacities. Through practical courses and with the help of the tutors who are the leading design experts in Slovenia, we help develop the student’s abilities to identify and solve problems and upgrade these with the knowledge acquired during history and theory courses. The study is based on one-to-one teaching and a personal approach to students, which is crucial for teaching the topics included in the programme. You can choose between two courses: Industrial Design and Applied Arts. Vertical, in-depth continuation of the study is possible at the second-cycle level. The Department for Industrial Design and Applied Arts has been, for six consecutive years, ranked among the top 50 schools in the area of architecture and design in Europe, and it is proud of its long tradition.

Industrial design remains as one of the most promising careers, continually gaining its professional value. Students will learn to identify contemporary challenges, with the aim being to find concrete and innovative solutions for both products and services, adapted to the needs of the users and the environment. It is a profession that is constantly expanding its field of activities and is undoubtedly interdisciplinary in relation to the other areas and spheres of human interaction. Design helps build up our environment in a smart and purpose-oriented way, consequently shaping our future and changing also the users of the new products.


Course title: Industrial Design
Predstojnik/ca oddelka: Assoc. Prof. Barbara Prinčič
Study programme cycle: First-cycle Bachelor's study programme
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters); a total of 180 ECTS credits
Professional title: diplomirana industrijska oblikovalka (UN), diplomirani industrijski oblikovalec (UN)
Abbreviation: dipl. ind. oblik. (UN)
Study programme booklet:

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