Erasmus+ incoming

Before your arrival

Nomination procedure for Erasmus+ incoming students

If you wish to do the Erasmus+ exchange at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, you should first check at your home institution if there is valid agreement between our Academy and your institution and apply to the exchange according to your home deadlines and requirements.

When your application is accepted at your home institution, your Erasmus coordinator must send us official nomination via email to (

Nomination from home university must be send to us until:

  • May 1st – for autumn semester
  • November 1st – for spring semester.


Application procedure for Erasmus+ incoming students

After your home university has nominated you to study at the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student, you should fill in an online application. There is no need to send a paper copy of the application.

At the end of the online application, you will find the necessary documents to upload to your application:

  1. Transcript of Records (of your home university)
  2. Learning Agreement

You may use your home version of learning agreement or ours. When sending us the proposed learning agreement via online application no signatures are yet needed, since we will firstly evaluate your proposal and probably made some changes to your list. The list of available courses are published here The course list for new academic year is usually published at the end of June, however there aren’t many changes between the years, therefore you may use older version when making first draft of the agreement.

  1. Language Certificate

Please note that your level of English knowledge should be at least intermediate (B2)

  1. Portfolio

You also need to send us your portfolio (via email to, in order to be evaluated by our department. If the size of the document is larger, please use wetransfer.

Your application is complete and will be processed only after you have followed all the steps of the application system and entered all the required information.

After we have received your application and appropriate department has approved your application, we will send you an Acceptance letter and information on living and studying in Ljubljana.

You need to do the online application and send us all required document until:

  • May 15th – for autumn semester
  • November 15th – for spring semester.

Please note there is no guaranteed study offer after nomination, since acceptance is subject to portfolio evaluation.


After the acceptance to ALUO

If you got accepted as Erasmus exchange student, you will receive official Acceptance letter from the central International Office of University of Ljubljana.

The central university office will also assist you with finding an accommodation, applying for Slovenian language course and other questions regarding your living arrangement in Ljubljana. More info you may also find here:

Approximately one month before the beginning of the semester we will send you

  • Date and time of our Welcome day
  • final timetable of courses
  • study calendar
  • certain documents, needed at the beginning of your stay here


All questions regarding your study process, course selection, timetable, location of the courses can be answered via email (

All questions regarding accommodation, VISA requirement, residence permit, Slovenian language course, subsidized meals, medical insurance and covid related information will be provided by our central university office (


After your arrival

We will provide you a student tutor assistance in helping to get by when arriving to Ljubljana.

Welcome reception will be held on the first day of the semester where all relevant information and documents will be given to students.

You will have time to visit different elective courses in the first week of semester and make a final decision on the list of selected courses.

After one week you will need to submit the final list of courses to the international office ( in order to be registered in the classes.

If there were changes to the first learning agreement, please provide us during mobility document for approval.

You need to attend all selected courses regularly (80% attendance is obligatory).


Before you go home

Before you leave, you should collect two documents: the Confirmation of Departure and the Transcript of Records. 

  1. You can send us your home document of Confirmation of Departure. This document can be signed only 1 week before your departure.
  2. When we collect allof your grades, we will send you Transcript of Records.

If you plan to leave before the professor submits all of the grades, send us an e-mail which grades you are still waiting for.    

IMPORTANT! We do not know when your last exam is, so it is really important that you inform us.