Asst. Prof. Martina Vuga


  • 2020: Habilitation title of assistant professor of higher education
  • 2005: Master’s degree from UL ALUO
  • 2003: Undergraduate study of restoration at UL ALUO

Work experience and collaborations:

  • 2005–2021 conservator-restorer for sculpture, employed at the National Gallery in Ljubljana; 2015–2021 Head of the Department for Conservation and Restoration at the National Gallery in Ljubljana


  • 2013 The Structural Conservation of Panel Paintings in Dresden, an international training seminar on the structural conservation of table images at the Dresden Institute
  • 2012 International Course on Wood Conservation Technology in Oslo, as part of ICOM

Participation with a contribution to conferences:

  • 2019 – Cleaning, Ethics, Techniques, Aesthetics, Matica Srpska Gallery in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 2017 – RECH 4 in Split, Croatia
  • 2015 – Gilt-en Art in Evora, Portugal

Exhibitions (management and / or co-design):

  • 2019 Secrets of a long life – the path of works of art from the restoration studio to the exhibition, exhibition of the restoration department of the National Gallery, Narodni dom Gallery, National Gallery
  • 2018 Praznujmo skupaj (Let’s celebrate together). 100 years of the National Gallery, photographic exhibition of art details at the Jakopič Promenade, Ljubljana
  • 2010 Pre – med– after (2010), exhibition of the restoration department of the National Gallery, Narodni dom Gallery, National Gallery
  • 2009 Gothic winged altar from Britof near Ukanj (2009), exhibition Gallery Narodni dom, National Gallery


  • 2015– Member of the executive board of the Association of Restorers of Slovenia
  • 2009–2021: Member of the expert council of the National Gallery
  • 2015–2020: leader of the executive organisation of the international professional meeting of conservators and restorers (co-organisers SMS, DRS, NG)

Awards and recognitions:

  • 2018 – recognition for important works of art in the field of restoration of the University of Ljubljana
  • 2010 – recognition of Mirko Šubic of the Association of Restorers of Slovenia for work on the project »Alojz Gangl, sculptor on the way to modernity«

Restored works of art – References (selection):

  • 2021: Project »Frančišek Smerdu (1908-1964), Donation to the National Gallery«, National Gallery, head of conservation and restoration works, conservation-restoration of works of art (2012-2021)
  • 2006-2020: Conservation-restoration project of works of art for occasional exhibitions and the permanent collection of the National Gallery
  • 2009, 2010: Project »Alojz Gangl, sculptor on the way to modernity, Bela krajina Museum Metlika (2009), National Gallery (2010), conservation-restoration of works of art, author of the conservation-restoration part of the exhibition
  • 2007-2008: Castle and manor houses of Snežnik Castle. Project supported by European Regional Development Funds: Art collection of Snežnik Castle (National Museum of Slovenia), management and implementation of conservation and restoration works on the collection of historical decorative frames of art material on paper from the authentic equipment of the castle, for ALUO
  • 2006: “Ivan Napotnik, 1888-1960 from public and private collections”, National Gallery; Velenje Gallery (2006); “Ivan Napotnik, Slovenian Sculptor” (2008) Exhibition Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; head of conservation and restoration works: conservation-restoration of works of art

Selected bibliography:

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