Prof. Tamara Trček Pečak

Professional experience:

Employed at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.
External collaborator at the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Arts.
She is the head of the Department of Conservation-Restoration Development, program manager at the Department of Restoration UL ALUO, member of diploma and master’s commissions, member of the commission for students with special status at UL, member of the editorial board of the publication Protection of Monuments and member of the DRS Association.

Projects (selection):

In addition to conservation and restoration, she dedicates herself to the promotion and development of the profession and seeks improvements in the field of documentation, preventive conservation and copying. In addition to exhibitions at the National Gallery, she designed and led the projects Pogled v restavratorsko delavnico (A Look at the Restoration Workshop) in Restavriranje slik (Restoration of Paintings) by Valentin Metzinger, Conservation and Restoration of Works by Master HGG, Conservation-Restoration of Paintings at the Almanach and 17th Century Painting in Carniola and the Science for Art Symposium.

As an employee of UL ALUO, in cooperation with other institutions, she has designed and managed several projects, some of which are still in progress: Conservation and Restoration May Transversal, The Crack to the Baroque, Gabrijel Stupica under the microscope, Marij Pregelj under the microscope, Rihard Jakopič under the microscope, What we see with our eyes, what we see with our fingers, Feel the artwork, Holy Kinship – in layers, Close up, etc.

Ongoing projects:

In order to raise the awareness of the widest possible circle of people, she has designed and has been running the Ajkec project with restorers (workshops, books, films for children). In co-production of the National Gallery in Ljubljana and TV SLO, a series of ten shows with the same title about the creation, damage and rescue of works of art was recorded in accordance with her scripts.

Selected projects: