Asst. Prof. Jurij Smole


  • 1995: graduated in Sculpture from UL ALUO, works in stone, bronze and other metals
    1997: Master’s degree in Sculpture 1997 (with prof. France Rotar)


Work experience and collaborations:

  • 2009–: lecturer at the Department of Restoration UL ALUO
  • 2009–: tutor of the cross-border project for the preservation of Slovenian land through sculptural work in Jeremitišče and Štandrež
  • 2004–: expert associate: Institute of Metallic Materials and Technologies
  • 2015–: lecturer at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana
  • 2013– further program manager of the Domžale Gallery (program manager, organisation and setting up of exhibitions, art awareness, Galerija na potepu (Gallery on the go) excursions

Education (specialisation):

  • 1995 – 1998: Advanced training at the Brustolin foundry, Verona
    Expert in stone sculpture and precision casting of bronze and precious metals – castings made using the lost wax method


  • 2002 – 2020: portraits of famous Slovenes: dr. R. S. Pejovnik, dr. France Bučar, Zofka Kveder, Jaki, dr. Jakob Turk, dr. Anton Debeljak, Drago Košmrlj, dr. Karel Verstovšek, dr. Spektorski, dr. Ivan Žolger, Jakob Aljaž, Claude Galien
  • 2019: Initiator of the project Reforma viva in Kostanjevica na Krki
  • 2020: founder of the Patina Centre (UL ALUO and Livartis)

Membership / Jury:

  • 2015 – 2019: member of the jury for the selection of commemorative coins at the Bank of Slovenia and medallist

Exhibitions (selection):

  • 2021 Monument in Suhorje
  • 2001–2019: author of awards for the International Festival of Creativity Golden Drum
  • 2001–2019: author of awards for the International Mountain Film Festival, Lirikon Festival, Effie Awards
  • 2018 Monument in Krka, Novo mesto
  • 2018 Monument in Solkan
  • 2018 Gallery Domžale
  • 2017 Monument in Jeremitišče
  • 2017 Galerie M, Schloss Portia, Villach
  • 2017 Monument in Štandrež
  • 2016 Dr. Karel Verstovšek, Velenje
  • 2014 Monument in Loški Potok
  • 2008 Velenje Gallery
  • 2007 Domžale Gallery
  • 2005 Grosuplje City of Statues, Grosuplje
  • 2005 Conciliation Chapel, Bizovik near Ljubljana
  • 2001 Kos Gallery, Ljubljana
  • 2001 Tržič Forma Viva, Tržič
  • 2000 Latobia, Ljubljana, Flyers
  • 2000 Corpus del akti, Ljubljana
  • 1999 City Hall, Ljubljana
  • 1999 Ilirija Gallery, Ljubljana
  • 1998 Kos Gallery, Ljubljana
  • 1997 Latobia, Ljubljana
  • 1997 City Hall, Ljubljana
  • 1994 / LRD Domžale

Mentoring and co-mentoring:

  • Mentor for the Faculty Prešeren Award: Zoran Flander
  • Co-mentor for the Faculty Prešeren Award: Angel Oblak, Matevž Barborič

Diploma theses:

  • 1999 Tehnologija keramike (Technology of Ceramics) / Vlasta Čobal; mentors: Jurij Smole, Matjaž Počivavšek
  • 2002 Mozaik (Mosaic) / Taja Lojk; mentor: Jurij Smole, co-author: Matjaž Počivavšek
  • 2008 Wood as a modern sculptural material / Marjeta Medved; mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2010 Form and material: Expressiveness in relief: Development and realisation of ideas in different embossed forms and the influence of the use of different materials on the character of the form / Mirjam Semolič Sore; mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2010 Various approaches to stone / Marko Zelenko; mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2012 Sculpture techniques of aluminium casting, production of a figural statue from aluminium and video / Žiga Vojska; mentor: Jurij Smole, co-author: Bučar Dušan
  • 2012 Effect of stone treatment on its surfaces / Doroteja Erhatič; mentor: Jurij Smole, co-author: Blaž Šeme
  • 2012 Sculpture and technological aspects of the found object / Nina Hrelja; mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2013 Technological approach to ceramic, coloured sculpture / Martina Marenčič; mentor Jurij Smole, co-mentor Matjaž Počivavšek
  • 2013 Reconstruction of the presbytery of the parish church of St. James in Ribno near Bled / Saša Stržinar; co-author: Jurij Smole, mentor: Blaž Šeme
  • 2015 Hollowing as a basic principle of sculptural construction / David Herzog Leitinger; mentor Jurij Smole
  • 2015 Restoration of the doors of the Cathedral of St. Nikolaj / Zoran Flander; mentor Jurij Smole, co-mentor Tamara Trček Pečak
  • 2016 The possibilities of sculpture using foamed concrete / Miha Knez; mentor: Jurij Smole
    2016 The process of making coloured statues from laminated polystyrene / Ivana Postić; mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2016 Technology of making sculptures using recycled materials / Matej Vočanec; mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2016 Technology as the foundation of expression in art in the case of masks / Maša Pelc; mentor: Jurij Smole
    2016 Replacement of missing handles on a porcelain vase from the National Museum of Slovenia / Barbara Škander; co-mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2016 Selected methods of cleaning stone surfaces / Julija Zupan; mentor: Jurij Smole, co-author: Blaž Šeme
  • 2016 From tender to implementation / Miha Makovec; mentor Jurij Smole
  • 2016 Ethical approach to conservation-restoration of the Tomos Colibri 03 / Angel Oblak moped; mentor: Tamara Trček pečak, co-mentor: Jurij Smole
  • 2016 Cleaning of a bronze sculpture / Maja Cingerle; mentor: Jurij Smole
    Master’s theses:
  • 2008 Applied materials and techniques in contemporary sculpture / Živa Kutnjak; mentor Jurij Smole, co-mentor Alen Ožbolt
  • 2007 Modern practices in sculpture / Josip Barić; mentor Jurij Smole


  • 2016 Image and holder / Simon Jugovic Fink; co-mentor: Jurij Smole, mentor: Sergej Kapus