Prof. Sašo Sedlaček

Office hours: Sreda, od 12.00 do 13.00
Location: Tobačna ulica 5

Associate Professor Sašo Sedlaček is a new media and conceptual artist with a wide range of media interests, research and discovery in areas where science, society and art intertwine. He is an engaged artist who exhibits his works all over the world and is the recipient of various domestic and foreign awards.



  • TREND Award, Awarded Surpluses of Visual Creativity, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012
  • Siement Art Lab Award, Vienna, Austria, 2009
  • VIDA 11 Award, Fundación Telefónica Award, Madrid, Spain, 2008
  • SPAPORT Award of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, BiH, 2008
  • YVAA-Youth visual artist award / OHO Award for Young Visual Artists from Eastern Europe, Foundation for Civil Society in Trust, Slovenia / USA, 2006