10th season of ALUO uho begins with Andre Dekker

We are launching the 10th season of ALUO Ear (sl. ALUO uho) events! First up, we will be joined by ANDRE DEKKER, a renowned and award-winning Dutch visual artist, draughtsman, scenographer and author in the field of public art in the context of sustainable urban and landscape transitions, co-founder of Observatorium, an artist collective known for its largescale artworks combining sculpture and place-making.

He will open the jubilee season of ALUO uho with a lecture entitled “OBSERVATORIUM – Public Art for Public Life”, where he will present his book of the same name, published last year on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the collective.

On Friday, 20 October 2023, at 1 PM in lecture room 7, UL ALUO, Erjavčeva 23. Join us!


Since 1997 Observatorium has produced more than 50 works of art in public space in New York, Berlin, London, Krasnoyarsk, Nantes, Aalst, Ruhr district, Munich, Port of Rotterdam, and many places in the Netherlands, France and Germany. In 2020 Andre Dekker co-founded Lesnini Field, a 55-acre site of wilderness and art. In 2021 he published Erraid Sound, a theatre play, artist book and short film in one with theatre maker Graham Eatough, exhibited in Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow. In 2023 he worked on landscape ink drawings which will be exhibited in art space Off
Hook Groningen.

He is currently leading a 10-day workshop ACADEMY GARDEN – the garden as a work of art at UL ALUO for Master’s students of the Department of Sculpture and graduates of all other departments, which he will round off with this lecture for the general public.


Andre Dekker is one of the most perceptive people working in art and architecture today. His works of art are not the ordinary one of programme and finance, but one that explores the boundaries between architecture, sculpture and landscape. It is difficult to put into words exactly what he does, but it is as clear as the sound of a bell when you see it in the world. The words ‘site specific’ are fitting, but that is only a tip of the hat to what he brings about. Time is an important player, but so are gravity and material. Above all, they are generous deeds, which give ‘places for people’ a whole new meaning.

Paul Shepheard, architect/writer, London


The lecture will be held in English.

Free entry!



Graphic design: Žiga Anderlič