Papiro-logía: Circular Design and the Use of Paper in Interior Design

Barbara Predan, ed.

Simon Bregar, Eva Garibaldi, Lin Gerkman, Miha Hain, Jakob Koncut, Neža Medved, Tjaša Mužina, Barbara Predan, Simon Izidor Rozman, Blaž Skodlar, Gregor Stražar, Jera Tratar, Andraž Rudi Vrhovšek

ISBN: ISBN: 978-961-94713-1-9

Leto izdaje: 2019

Št. strani: 166

Povezava: Prost dostop

Opis: In the book Papiro-logía, the new paradigm of circular design is presented in an innovative and clearly understandable way, using sound scientific terminology. It also delves into the possibility of establishing an interdisciplinary paper furniture supply chain while reporting on new approaches to design education—a result of knowledge exchange among the expert and scientific partners of the project. This is one of the pioneering examples of a type of work that attempts to actively influence the prevailing mentality in order to accelerate the development of circular design, while summarising the objectives of ongoing efforts to minimise waste, the basic purpose of which is to reduce resource extraction. Serving as a reference and supplemental material for university-level studies, it can contribute to the understanding of the principles of circular economy. This also makes it a practically essential reading for the wider professional community—having been acquainted with the topic, they can focus on educating the general public. Dr. Boštjan Bugarič (Excerpt from review)