18. 11. 2015

Einar de la Torre

Vabimo vas na gostujoče predavanje mehiško-ameriškega umetnika Einara de la Torrea, enega od bratov iz razvpitega tandema De la Torre Brothers, ki bo v sredo, 25. novembra 2015, ob 12.00 v predavalnici 118, Dolenjska 83.

De la Torre Brothers, brata Einar in Jamex De La Torre, sta rojena v Guadalajari, leta 1960 oz. 1963. Že 20 let ustvarjata družbeno kritična in provokativna dela, posegata v vprašanja migracij, enakosti, kulturoloških ikon in simbolov, ter razstavljata po vsem svetu. Oba sta študirala na California State University, Long Beach, in učila na znameniti Pilchuck Glass School, Washington.

Njuna dela so prisotna v številnih javnih in privatnih zbirkah, razstavljena pa so bila tudi v: The Museum of Glass: ICCA, Tacoma, WA, California State University, Fullerton, Los Angeles, The Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA, The Los Angeles Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, The Chrysler Museum of Art, The Tuscon Museum of Art, Glazenhuis – Glass Museum, Lommel, Belgium, The National Glass Centre, Sunderland, United Kingdom, in drugod.

Povzetek zapisa ob njuni razstavi QUEMANDO LAS NAVES (v angleščini), ki je v kontekstu razprav o migracijah še kako aktualen:

“Alluding to the idea of risking it all for one particular cause, the Spanish expression QUEMANDO LAS NAVES works as a perfect metaphor for the experience of migrants around the world. Historically attributed to the military strategies of either Alexander the Great or the Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés, the act of ‘burning the ships’—as it would be literally translated into English—refers to the confident gesture of initially eliminating the possibility of going back to one’s place of origin—just as many migrants do—so as to focus on one and only goal: that of making it in foreign lands. In the mind of these heroic characters, then, the right to return home is conditioned by their victory abroad. Because, as history shows, they either go back on board the enemy’s boats— like the Macedonian leader—or they do it bringing back the gold—as Cortés did.

Honoring the lives of migrants who have ‘burned their ships’, forthis show, the De La Torre Brothers have created a series of works that explore the aesthetics inherent to a culture that traces its origins to Mexico while existing in the imaginary of people living in the U.S. Juxtaposing popular and religious icons, combining elements from the arts’ and the arts and crafts’ worlds, including elements from both sides of the U.S./Mexico border, and going back and forth from past to present times, each sculpture, wall piece or installation is an ode to hybridity. Highly subversive in terms of content yet humorous and colorful regarding the form, QUEMANDO LAS NAVES is a complex and multi‐layered show that raises the question about the futility of physical and epistemic boundaries.”

(Adriana Martínez Noriega)


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